5 Benefits of Dogs and Children Growing Up Together

January 13, 2017
boy with dog in lake

Did you know there are so many benefits of your child growing up with your dog/cat? My kids love our pets so much, our pets are such an integral part of our family. We just can’t imagine our lives without our precious animals!

girl with dog at platform

Friends Fur-ever

Having your kids grow up with pet dogs can provide companionship for both parties. You’ve probably seen videos all over the internet of dogs and kids that grow together and go through the different stages of life with the other by their side. The bond that can be formed cannot be compared to any other, as there is something special about man and man’s best friend growing up together. These kinds of friendships can last a lifetime, and your kids can have the benefit of having a constant companion by their side through the different milestones of their lives. Our kids also love to do everything with our dog and cat. Whether it’s meal time and they’re sharing their fruits – can puppies eat apples (check out this site All Shih Tzu, if you’re wondering, or snuggling in bed on a cold winter night, they are virtually inseparable.

Up and About

Pet-owning households generally live more active lifestyles than their no-pet counterparts. This is because caring for a dog requires engaging in physical activities that you would not otherwise do if not for your pet. Children who grow up with pets will have to engage in a lot of physical activities with their dogs such as going out for walks, playing fetch, and other such activities. In the long run, these physical engagements can make all the difference for your children’s health and general well-being.

boy with dog in lake

Responsible Kids

You can also teach your kids more about responsibilities by teaching and giving them tasks in order to care for your family pet. This way, you can expose them to receiving tasks that they are accountable for early in their lives. This would give your children a sense of importance and would help prepare them for bigger, more relevant responsibilities when they grow older. Not only that, it also provides you with the opportunity to worry less about feeding your dog, because the task is delegated to your kids. Now all you have to think about monitoring if they are doing their job.  

Boost Immunity

You can improve your child’s immunity by exposing them to your pets. It has been proven that children in close proximity with pets tend to get sick less often than those who are not. This is because your pets tend to bring in germs and microbes that your children can build immunity from. Children who grow up with pets also get a reduced chance of getting allergies, as they are used to being exposed to your pet’s dander.

Everyone’s Happy

Owning a pet has generally been associated with high serotonin and dopamine levels, as cuddling and going to bed with them are some activities that can release these ‘happy’ neurochemicals that can make you feel happier. A dog can cheer you up at the end of a tiring day, with their wagging tails and bright eyes. Now imagine the pure joy that would come when your kids are constantly exposed to your pets. Not only does it make your kids happier, but you can expect your dogs to enjoy the bonding time as well.

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